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It's time to dress up your stablecoins.

It's time to dress up your stablecoins.

Borrow the stablecoin of your choice and use it free from any underlying risks.

With 100% LTV and no liquidation risk, you can collar uncertainty and roam free in the DeFi landscape.

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No Liquidations
No Liquid-ations
Borrow the asset you need with 100% LTV and retrieve your collateral at any time. You will never be liquidated.
Fixed Interest
The interest for your loan is fixed, paid upfront, and isn't vulnerable to manipulation.
De-Peg Protection
If your collateral asset de-pegs, default your loan with no penalty.
If your borrowed asset de-pegs, take back your collateral.
Collar is oracle-free, audited, and completely decentralized.
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Collar uses options to facilitate loans.

When collateral is deposited into the Collar vault, two option contracts on it are minted. The borrower keeps an option (CALL) that grants them the right to repay their loan, and gives an option (COLL) that grants the right to the debt to a lender in exchange for assets.

Every loan has an expiration date.

Before the expiration date, borrowers can use their CALL option to repay their loans and retrieve their locked collateral from the Collar vault. After the expiration date, the lenders can use their COLL option to collect a mix of the repaid loans and the defaulted collateral.

Collar is decentralized insurance for stablecoins. Collar is DeFi's insurance for stablecoins.

In return for the fixed interest the borrower pays, the lender takes on the risk of asset de-pegging. There is no penalty for borrowers if they default their loans, and lenders are always guaranteed to collect on their loans after the expiration date.

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Use Collar to efficiently...

Use Collar to efficiently...


Incorporate Collar into your yield-farming strategy to hedge against de-pegging risk in a highly capital efficient way. With 100% LTV, you can keep your stablecoin portfolio exactly the way you want it and use it to borrow the assets you need to obtain the highest yield, free from systemic risks underlying those assets.


Collar lets you safely respond to rapidly changing market conditions. By buying the asset you need or borrowing from other protocols, you open yourself up to price risk and floating interest rates. With Collar, you pay a fixed interest rate. You can end the loan at any time and pay interest only on the duration borrowed.


Lend with Collar to generate a consistent yield. By lending a pegged asset, you can profit from borrowers' shorter time horizons, benefitting from the fact that your asset should always eventually return to its pegged value. You can also provide liquidity to Collar to earn COLLAR governance token rewards.